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Central European Federation by Fenn-O-maniC Central European Federation by Fenn-O-maniC
After the Central Powers lost the First World War, Austria-Hungary faced it's final days. The Dual Monarchy was divided along ethnic borders in 1918 and the short-lived Czechoslovakia was born. Both Austria-Hungary and the Russian Empire collapsed. All the minorities were demanding independence and at first it seemed like nations such as Belarus and Ukraine were about to get it. However, after the Bolsheviks defeated the White Army in a civil war, Belarus and Ukraine fell under their rule. The Ukrainian speaking areas of former Austria-Hungary were seeking a union with the rest of Ukraine, but after the Communists created the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, the Western Ukrainians ,or Ruthenians as they called themselves, turned their eyes to the West. They joined Czechoslovakia as the federal state of Ruthenia in 1919 and the country's name was changed to Central European Federation.

After the Russian Empire collapsed the Poles declared independence. They saw their chance while the Russians were busy fighting each other and occupied most of Ukraine and Belarus. But after the Reds had had their victory over the Whites, they started fighting the Poles. They eventually pushed them back and occupied the whole of Poland, installing a communist regime in Warsaw to rule the country. Like the Ukrainian speaking parts of former Austria-Hungary, the Polish ones also wanted a union with their homeland. However, after they were sure that Poland would be under Russian control once again, the Poles in Krakow and surrounding lands did the same as the Ukrainians and joined the CEF in 1920.

In 1929 the Polish communists started to question the way the Russians saw their ideology, leading them to turn their backs on the Soviet Union. Poland became an isolated country, being surrounded by western imperialists in the west and south and the heretics of communism in the east.

In the early 1930s a far-right party, called National Socialist German Workers' Party, shortly known as Nazi Party, seized more and more power in Germany. In 1933 their leader Adolf Hitler was declared Chancellor and after President Hindeburg died a year later, Hitler became the dictator of Germany. One of the ideologies on the Nazi Party was to unify all of the German speaking lands with Germany and soon Hitler started to fulfil this. In March 1938 Germany annexed Austria. Having a great German speaking minority, the Central European Federation's leaders started to form alliances with the United Kingdom and France in order to keep their nation independent. However this wasn't enough.

In 1939 Germany started a large-scale military operation against Poland and the CEF. Occupying both countries quickly, they soon attacked France. After their victory in the west, Hitler executed Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union in 1941. Successfully occupying all the land all the way to the Volga River, their victory seemed a certainty. Then, at the Battle of Stalingrad, the Red Army had their victory over the Germans, forcing the Germans to fall back from the Russian heartland. At the same time, the Western Allies had been preparing their comeback. On 6 June 1944, the Allies started the invasion of Normandy. They eventually pushed their way all the way to eastern Europe since the Soviets faced pro-German guerillas in Ukraine, slowing down their progress to central Europe. In 1945 the Second World War was over. Germany had to cede most of their eastern territories to Poland and the CEF. Most of German and Hungarian population of the CEF were transferred to Germany and Hungary in order to avoid the problems that had caused the Second World War. The CEF government ordered new-acquired land to be populated by it's historical inhabitants, Lusatia by Sorbs and Silesia by Silesians.

This wasn't the end of the troubles. Soon after their victory the relations between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union started to disintegrate. The Cold War had begun. The Central European Federation found itself in the western Camp, standing against the horrible Soviet ideology. Their northern neighbour, Poland, was once again under the boot of Moscow and in the east, the Devil Himself, the USSR. This lead to massive propaganda being distributed in the Ukrainian and Polish speaking areas of the CEF. The federal government intentionally supported the local dialects, ultimately causing the population to gain their own identity, different from the Polish and Ukrainian ones.

Today the Central European Federation is technologically advanced modern democracy in the heart of an integrating Europe.

Inspirated by the map by :iconsoaringaven:, who also helped a lot with this, along with :iconienkoron: ^^
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ImperialKuatSystems Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
No! Lusatia, Silesia and Krakovia schould be polish. Sorry?!
f1nalstand Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
Don't forget about L'vov!^
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Nikdo-92 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Wooo ... this is awesome. GJ man
Nikdo-92 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
When i think about it. How the communication works in CEF? F.e. Polish or Ruthenian arent much similiar to czech so they can't understand each other. 
Fenn-O-maniC Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! ^^
Danubium Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
"Most of German and Hungarian population of the CEF were transferred to Germany and Hungary in order to avoid the problems that had caused the Second World War."

Like selective application of ethnic independence? Deliberately unjust borders? Ethnic opression?…
Alternate history/uchronia can be dystopic and bad past/present/future... it could have been that.

That said, for OTL, it was in parts reaping what one sown. Hate bring hate, an eye for an eye can make everyone blind.
Fenn-O-maniC Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, this is alternate history. Don't be so serious
Rodegas Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Any particular reason for black triangle? (Good, you did not cut of something from Slovakia :) )
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